An incredible opportunity from The Cube Hotel in Fidenza.

You can take care of yourself, your body, your well-being during breaks or holiday, under the careful and discreet supervision of an accredited personal trainer for all guests ( on reservation ), In partnership with GO ! Athletic Studio.

Sport helps your general well-being, phisycal and mental , products endorphines and shapes the silouette.

Don’t lose the opportunity to have all theese benefits ( much more in reality , tray to believe ) during your stay in the Cube Hotel in Fidenza. The personal trainer will help you train in the right way, on your real needs , and establishing exercises and loads based on your phisycal characteristics.

Postural exercises, functional training, metabolic circuits, stretching …

All you dreamt to do but you delay, maybe you don’t have time for yourself, or finished energy, finally you can do it in a perfect stay at The Cube Hotel in Fidenza !